1. What hospitals are you affiliated with?

Our physicians admit their patients to Lincoln Medical Center where hospitalists are available to attend them 24 hours a day.

2. Are you accepting new patients?

Call the office and ask if the physician that you are requesting to see is accepting new patients. This varies per physician.

3. What kind of services do you offer?

For a list of our services, click here.

4. What insurances do you accept?

Click here for information regarding our insurance policies.

5. How do I get a referral?

Call and leave a message for your nurse. She will ask the doctor if a visit will be necessary or if she can arrange the referral. Referrals can take 24 – 72 hours to be completed.

6. How do I get test results?

Test results can be obtained through your nurse or physician. Call our office and request that a message be left for your nurse to call you back with the requested test results. A copy of your labs can be mailed to you or left at the front desk for pickup at your convenience.

7. Do you accept walk-ins?

Our office works by appointments only Monday- Friday. However, our clinic is open on Saturday mornings from 9 am- Noon (except for Holiday weekends)… and an appointment is not necessary on this day. Saturday clinic is on a first come, first served schedule.

8. How do you handle prescription refills?

For routine medication refills, call our office @ 931-433-2551, listen to the options and press 2. This is a dedicated line for refills only and is checked routinely throughout the day. If you do request a refill prior to 2 pm, we ask that you check with your pharmacy after 4 pm. If you make a request after 2 pm, you should check with your pharmacy the following day. If there is a question regarding the refill or additional information is needed, someone from our office will get back in touch with you. Be sure to leave a working telephone number in case a callback is needed. You need to speak clearly and leave the patient’s whole name, the physician, the preferred pharmacy, and the medication requested.
The refill line is not for requests for new medications or antibiotics! 

9. Do I need to have my records sent to the office before my first visit?

If you are a new patient, it is very helpful to have your medical records from your previous physician in order our physician to be able to provide you with optimal care.
If the appointment is for a child, previous medical records, including immunization records, MUST be provided before the patient will receive any immunizations from our clinic.
To complete a Medical Records Authorization for release of your records, click here.

10. How do I get copies of my children’s shot records?

Call the office and leave a message with the medical records department. Make sure you give them your name, the name of the child(ren) you need the immunization record for and their date(s) of birth. Please be sure to leave a working phone number in case there are questions. Please allow at least 24 hours for this to be ready at the front desk for you to pick up.

11. Do you need an appointment to have lab work done?

Usually no appointment is necessary, but your doctor must order the tests for you ahead of time. If you routinely have your Protime checked, there are specific times that this can be done: (10:30 am-11:45 am) and (1 pm-4 pm).

12. Why won’t my physician call in an antibiotic when I ask for one?

The physician needs to determine if there is an infection before prescribing an antibiotic. The best way to do this is during an office visit, with appropriate testing and a physical examination. Many symptoms are viral and antibiotics are not warranted.

13. Can I get drug samples from the office?

The medication samples that are available in our office are primarily for use when a physician prescribes a new or different drug. Having these samples allow medications to be tried first and find out if they work, before the patient has to pay at the pharmacy. However, most of our physicians will provide samples (if they are available) for those with special financial circumstances.

14. Why do I have to leave a message? Why can’t I have a direct line to my nurse?

Our intake department is trained to take messages for the physicians and nurses. There are times when the call volume is extremely high and you are required to leave a message. Keep in mind that the physicians and the nurses are taking care of patients who are here in the office with scheduled appointments – messages can only be addressed between patient visits. There are different protocols for how this is handled, depending on the specific physician involved.
Remember, all calls will be returned and all messages are forwarded to the appropriate physician and/or nurse.

15. Can my family receive our allergy shots at Fayetteville Medical Associates?

Yes, for the convenience of our patients, allergy shots can be given at our office. The allergy medications and schedule prescribed by your allergist will be followed. Please note that each of our physicians have different schedules and off days. You will need to discuss your allergy shot schedule with your nurse. For pediatric patients of Dr. Spears and Dr. Thorpe, a specific schedule is followed: click here for more information: Pediatric Allergy Shot Information

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