Laboratory & X-ray Services

Fayetteville Medical Associates offers many services for the convenience of our patients. Those services include our on-site Laboratory, X-ray department, and even a Bone Density Department.

FMA has a very broad laboratory testing menu offered to our physicians. We can do most of our lab testing in-house, depending on the patients’ insurance. Our test menu includes diabetes, cholesterol, kidney and liver functions, as well as strep and flu testing. We have a well trained laboratory staff that is ready to make your blood collection experience as easy as possible.

Fayetteville Medical Associates also has an X-ray department on-site and can perform most of the x-rays that our physicians will need. In some cases, the patient may have to go to the hospital. An example of this would be if a specialty x-ray is needed or if a radiologist interpretation is needed. We have 2 staff members that are licensed in Tennessee to perform the x-rays.

FMA also offers on-site Bone Density testing for our patients. In 1997, we purchased our first bone density machine for the convenience of our patients. In 2007, we upgraded to a newer and faster machine. We have a licensed person on staff to perform these studies. For more information, click on Services, and then Bone Density.

Shirley Smith, Lab Supervisor

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