Patient Centered Medical Home

At Fayetteville Medical Associates, we are continually searching for ways to improve the services we provide for you. Our goal as a Level I NCQA recognized Medical Home practice, is to provide the highest quality of care possible to you and that (with your partnership) you will achieve improved health under the guidance of your personal physician.

Patient-centered is a way of saying that you, the patient, are the center of your health care. You will join a team that includes your chosen health care professionals, trusted friends and/or family members (if you wish).
The Medical Home includes:

    • Disease prevention
    • Self-management tools:
  • Establish and comply with personal physician advice and/or treatment plan
  • Keep appointments with personal physicians
  • Report status on a routine basis( i.e. diabetes sugar monitoring)
  • Health Coaching and Wellness:
    • participate in Personal Management programs(Health Coach) if recommended
    • Exercise programs as outlined by your personal physician
  • Disease educational materials
    • Dietary information for specific diagnosis
    • Diabetic Education classes
  • Enhanced Access to your physician:
    • Saturday Morning Clinic(9 am-12pm)
    • Answering Service after hours with return call from on-call physician
    • Same day scheduling for illness
    • Telephone access with triage(priority of medical need) during regular office hours
    • Monday-Friday office hours: 8am-4:30pm
  • Electronic Medical records: continual update of medical files that include: ER visits, hospital admissions, outpatient tests, specialists/consult notes (this information needs to be provided either by the facility, physician and/or you). This allows for all your medical records to be in one location in order to provide optimal (the best) care.
  • Website:, for information regarding our policies, hours, insurance and billing information, forms, physicians/staff and links to other health websites.
  • Patient Portal (electronic/email/internet access): for routine questions for your physician, nurse, billing & insurance, medical records, tests results and medical home. You must provide your email address for an invitation to be sent to use the portal.
  • Care Coordinator on site
Fayetteville Medical Associates, as a Medical Home, is a way for you to be informed and involved in your health care decisions. With the help and guidance of your physician, your health care team and your family, the goal of your Medical Home is IMPROVED HEALTH for you!

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